First Post Thoughts

I’ve always wanted to think of myself as the kind of person with the courage to have a blog, but like many of my personal journals, they would begin with enthusiasm and wither soon after – from boredom, forgetfulness, fear of actually being read. Today, I take the first step to curing my fear of affirming things for real and offer these empty rooms to the people of the Internet. We’ll see how this works out.

“Minds Like Empty Rooms” comes from the following except from Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird, writing to Oprah:

“Now, 75 years later in an abundant society where people have laptops, cell phones, iPods, and minds like empty rooms, I still plod along with books. Instant information is not for me. I prefer to search library stacks because when I work to learn something, I remember it. And, Oprah, can you imagine curling up in bed to read a computer? Weeping for Anna Karenina and being terrified by Hannibal Lecter, entering the heart of darkness with Mistah Kurtz, having Holden Caulfield ring you up — some things should happen on soft pages, not cold metal.”

Though I agree with Lee’s general sentiment, and have yet to see the beauty in a Kindle or successfully enjoy a document longer than two pages, let alone a novel, from the tiny blue screen of my Android, I don’t completely repudiate technology. It did take me 21 years to acquire a mobile phone, and I often leave my laptop out of the bedroom to avoid the time warp that is Steven Universe or Six Feet Under, but without technology and the terribly annihilating social media known as Facebook and Snapchat, I would not be able to stay in such close contact with friends from far and wide; I would never know what current events are plaguing the minds of almost yuppy “not-quite-sure-what-I’m-doing-with-my-life” leftists; I would also probably spend more time in books and outside.

The point of this blog is to fill up my empty rooms with trinkets and ribbons and knick-knacks of my choosing. Here’s the general layout of how I envision all of this if I don’t quit after post #5:


i) Minds Like Empty Rooms : collection of random thoughts, snippets of wandering poetry, midnight musings and other words that glide through these rooms of mine

ii) Narcotic Tunes: music that speaks to my soul, tickles my funny bone, has be thrashing my head and gyrating my hips or leaves me floored and begging for breath

iii) Ménage à 3: multifaceted project started in university that gathers words, images, sounds to form an amorphous experience that will hopefully make you feel something


Well, that’s about it folks. Hope you find something you like, and that you fill your rooms too.



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